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Custom templates, unique ​prompts, and a living library ​of everything that matters ​to you create a personal ​experience every time you ​open the app.

Maintain ownership and ​control of all of your ​content via popular ​integrations. Keep your ​content safe with KnowMe ​or move it to another ​platform.


Store, share, and own your ​content without it ever ​being captured or ​controlled by others.

User-directed sharing and ​collaboration. End-to-end ​encryption in motion and ​at rest.

Device security and ​signature finger printing.​ No ads, no data mining, and ​no evil algorithms. Ever.


Store everything in our ​cloud, your cloud, on a ​hard drive or a printed ​book.

Optional services for ​long-time physical media ​preservation.

Smart contract features ​allow you to set event-​based sharing.

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